Hey, you!  My name is Hazel and this is my digital life.  For the most part, this blog is a documentation of my multimedia endeavors and the learning that goes with it.

I am an audio engineer of over 15 years, specializing in recording and mixing some of Manila’s best rock and alternative music.    In recent years I also worked as a multimedia provider for local and international businesses, specializing in script to screen production of online videos.

iOS fascinates me.  The breadth of creativity made possible through small, relatively cheap devices blow my mind.  Five years ago, I was heavily into iPhone photography and film making.  Not too long ago, I was literally addicted to music making iPad apps.

My foray into game development is probably the most ambitious of my endeavors and I hope to squeeze as much joy and exhilaration out of  it, as from the rest of my experiments.

Thanks for sharing my journey, even for just a bit.  🙂



13 thoughts on “About

  1. James B says:

    Hey Hazel, recently came across your IVCS 3 YouTube videos…Excellent presentation, great “outside the box” stuff…with dirt…nice!
    (probably going to download the patches and I don’t even own the app…yet)
    Wish you well on your path of exploration…thanks for the “postcards”/bread crumbs”.

  2. rama42012 says:

    Thanks for helping me to understand the patch matrix MUCH MORE CLEARLY on the iVCS. I really appreciate it. The way you illustrate how the signal loops back around and can be re-used made me go “so that’s how it’s DONE!” and thanks for the sweet patches. -Sid

    • I’ll jump in here now and thank you as well for your clear and well-animated patchbay infographix. Super Cool! Totally gave me that realization as well after many months of trying to come to grips with it (and reading the original VCS3 manual.)

      • Hi Michael, I’m happy to know that these videos were useful to some people! I’ve been meaning to make them since day 1, seeing the sheer number of people who are mystified by the iVCS3. The original manual was such a blast to read though, and i could almost hear that old school british voice over. 😀

  3. Thanks for dropping by to express your appreciatin, Sid 🙂 have tun with the patches.

  4. Fun, i meant fun 😀

  5. pj says:

    these were excellent patches. thanks very much for them! question…i made patches of all of the original VCS3 dopesheets in the original manual and a few i found here and there. how can up upload them in a file as you did so i can share them with others?

    • Hi pj 🙂 would love to try out your patches. I emailed my patches to myself thru the ivcs3 app, and then uploaded them to my public folder in dropbox, and shared that link. Do send me the link to your patches when they’re up!

  6. pj dorsey says:

    i sent them to myself in the way you mentioned. looks like it worked! question, if i have samples or sound files included in the patches, i assume i need to make note of them and send those as well to dropbox i expect correct?

    thanks! will send these to you once i hear back


  7. Fred Bensi says:

    Thanks for the IVCS3 tutorials on Youtube,total life saver,I’d like to use it on stage actually,I haven’t tried to connect an external midi controller to the app yet but I assume it’s possible as I don’t see you scrolling on the screen in the video ?..

    • Michael Barreto says:

      Totally doable. In fact, if you are enough of a geek, there is a template for LEMUR to allow you to control most of it via MIDI. Keep on plugging!

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